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In 2005 a joint military operation arose in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq in an effort to liberate several cities from the grasp of insurgents that had seized innocent families within its walls. The mission was a success and was the first of a series of operations that would break the enemies stronghold and return freedom to people in that region. The name of that mission was “Operation River Gate.” Today, that mission continues. River Gate Ministries is passionate about bringing the church into a deeper relationship with God, Experiencing His presence and setting the captives free with power of the gospel of Jesus. 



Rick and Vickie Jimenez are the founders of River Gate Ministries. They are passionate about equipping the church to rise up and become the expressed image of Jesus in the earth and to reveal His nature to a lost and dying world. They currently reside in Fresno, CA with their daughter, Alyssa, and two sons, Elijah and Joshua. 

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